Friday, November 2, 2012


Dress: H&M, Purse: Anthropologie, Boots: Zara

I actually bought all of these things yesterday. My mom and I went shopping on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, one of my favorite places to shop and hang out here in LA. I got this dress on sale at H&M! Awesome! I put a belt around it because it isn't very flattering on me without it. It looks too boxy and I needed something to pinch my waist. I'm not curvy enough to wear it without the belt hah! But I think it will also look good with a coat for winter or sandals/pumps in summer. I couldn't pass up the print! I'm very very VERY picky with prints so it's hard for me to find a lot of clothes with designs, but I love these spots. Good job, H&M. And the ankle boots....I've seen a lot of other bloggers with these booties and I can definitely understand why so many people have them. They go with EVERYTHING. And I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to wear them this winter when I go on my trip. Well....hopefully. 



  1. I just discovered your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! Love your dress! Following you on Bloglovin! It will be great if you can check my blog:)


  2. yay thank you so much! I'm happy you like it and thanks for following :) xoxo

  3. Love third street promenade! It's amazing. Cute booties and love the uneven polka dots!

  4. I have that dress and I love it! Followed you on Bloglovin! :)


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