Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Les Miserables

Have you all seen Anne Hathaway on the cover of Vogue this month? Now I've liked Anne since back in her Princess Diaries days, but now I have the biggest girl crush on her. I read the article in Vogue and I have so much respect for her and what she had to do for this role; she seems like she would be fun to hang out with ;). I'm really excited to see Les Miserables in theaters on Christmas Day. I'm reading the 1,400(?) page book as we speak and I just really hope I can finish it before the movie. I've always wanted to read the book and now that the film is coming out soon I have the motivation. Wish me luck, it's a long read but I really like it so far. I have always had this love for musicals and I have always secretly wished I could sing. I just really can't wait for this movie alright!? Here's some more images from Vogue for you :)

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  1. It looks like such a good movie!

    xo Ashley


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