Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Day 1

1. The Coffee House
2. Breakfast @ The Coffee House
3,4,5. Los Angeles
6. The Beverly Center
7.  Herve Leger (no I wasn't shopping there)
8. Melrose Ave
9. Shoes @ UO
10. Dressing room @ UO
11. Marcus :)
12. Supreme
13. New stuff, successful day

Our original plan for the first day of Spring Break was to go to H&M at the Beverly Center then head over to the Griffith Observatory for their star party so I could fantasize about being an astronaut but the rain ruined that. So we went to Melrose Ave which is really close by instead and just so happens to be my favorite place to shop here in LA. It was a lot of fun except I wish it was sunny and I wish we went to the Observatory. Oh well, still have plenty of time :) 
I promised myself I'd take my camera with me wherever I could from now on since I always kind of forget about it. So hopefully  this lasts more than a couple days. 

Tomorrow I have a mani/pedi, I'll be taking more outfit pictures, and hopefully I finish reading Looking For Alaska. Sounds like a good lazy Sunday to me.  

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