Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time For Change

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I'm not sure what it is, maybe the weather, or perhaps my sixth sense, or I might just be really bored; but something is telling me that it's time for a change. So I've decided to once again, redecorate my room. I'm starting by painting my walls white. Right now they're a light lilac color and to be honest, it's getting old. I need something a little more know...because I'm just SO sophisticated. After my walls are a boring, sophisticated white color, I'm hoping I'll be lucky enough to collect a few vintage pieces that are the right amount of awesome and the right amount of won't-make-me-broke. 

Right now a huge inspiration for me are these Moroccan Wedding Blankets. My favorite ones are the ones found in the first and last images. You could call it love at first sight, but ever since I saw these beautiful blankets, I knew I needed one to complete my home one day in the future. Unfortunately, they are definitely not in my price range right now and I really would love to get one when I actually get married. And to make myself sound even more like a douchebag, how amazing would it be to travel to Morocco to get one? I mean how much more authentic can it get than that? 

If only I won the lottery.....
(I'd take you all with me too, don't worry) 

Speaking of change, are you guys liking the changes I've made to the blog? I changed the bar under the header so it's easier to navigate. And my follow buttons are now to your right. Any suggestions on what else I should do? Let me hear it!


  1. change is a good thing, sometimes :) go ahead !

  2. Oooh, I love how beautiful these interior design photos are! A beautiful white wall can definitely transform a room. Can't wait to see your new space!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. I love this! I definitely understand what you're going through! I wrote a post awhile ago about how I want a home improvement... I'm just...ya know.. BORED! If you win the lottery please share, I need these interiors!


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