Thursday, September 26, 2013


Muscle Tee: T by Alexander Wang, Pants: Rich & Skinny, Heels: ShoeMint, Clutch: Antik Batik, Necklace: Kristin Perry

photos by Marcus Nilsson

People always ask the obligatory question if you're associated with the fashion industry, "if you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?" And to be honest, I've never been able to pinpoint my style with just one sufficient, lonely word. So usually I say something cliché like "versatile" or "simple" and then I'm stuck wondering if I gave an answer that was sufficient or made me seem cool.
Then I snap back to the reality of me not being cool at all...
AND THEN I wonder: but what if somedays I don't want to be "simple" or "versatile"? What if somedays I want to be badass? Or eccentric? What if somedays I want to dress like a contestant from Toddlers & Tiaras? What if somedays I want to dress like I haven't showered for 3 days? 
Just kidding....I shower everyday...I smell good, I swear. 
So, today I felt like covering my showered, smell good body in basics but spicing it up with pieces like this beautiful Kristin Perry necklace and this statement clutch. 
So regardless of my insignificant struggle (a.k.a. white girl problems) to find the one right word to describe my style, I feel lucky that I don't have to be constrained or limited to just one word. Everyone around me might have words to describe how they perceive my style, but I believe your style depends on your mood and your influences and you can describe your style any way you fucking want and you don't even need to use one word if you don't feel like it. In conclusion, though I usually stick to classic pieces, I like to try new things in fashion and if it doesn't work, I'll learn from my mistake. But if I find pieces that look good, it's hard for me not to control my awful spending habits...



  1. I have the same problem! I usually say "trendy" or "pretty tomboy". haha, LOVE this outfit!


  2. Your accessories are so fabulous!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. You said it, girl! xx

  4. Your outfit is simple, but this bag give it a sophisticated touch! Love it! :)

  5. Love your shoes you got a nice style


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