Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Ideas- NOBLE

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! If you're in as much shock as I am that it's already November, that probably means you need to (like me) stop procrastinating and start thinking about what to buy your loved ones this year. In the past, I usually end up having major anxiety as time passes and before I know it, there's only a few days until Christmas and I haven't bought any presents yet. This year, however, I promised myself that I would save the panic attack and organize my time more efficiently. 

So with that said, I of course want to include you all in the promise I've made and hopefully inspire you all to start shopping as well! First, I began to think about what to get my loving parents. They give me so much and I always find it difficult deciding what to give them that would show my love without breaking the bank. Take my father, for example...he never asks for anything so we end up getting him golf attire or socks because we usually have no idea what else to do. As I've gotten older and wiser, I've realized that my dad probably wants more heartfelt gifts that last and that his sock drawer is probably ridiculously full. 

With the help of my friends over at MyTrnd, I discovered NOBLE by Bendtner. Noble is a fantastic jewelry line created by Danish soccer player, Nicklas Bendtner, which was originally intended for men but now has included a beautiful line for women. What better way to make jewelry appeal to men, right?! All I have to do is tell my dad, boyfriend, brothers, whoever really, that Bendtner designed the jewelry and they'll be drooling at the thought. 

The collection consists of bracelets, necklaces, and rings that are both unique and versatile. To add to the uniqueness of the jewelry, it is made of exotic Stingray leather with solid Sterling silver and hand set black diamonds. *swoon*

Women will undoubtedly adore the new collection. My amazing mother is definitely not into high heels and fashion but rather loves outdoor activities and kicking some major ass. I find the women's collection to be beautiful in a way that any woman will find irresistible, no matter what her style, due to the masculine edge that is so trendy these days. In fact, I might even have to choose a little something for myself.

Here are some of my favorites:

Gift shopping for others can be exhausting, okay? I need to reward myself with something! Have you seen these pieces?! How can I say no?

Moral of the story, I urge you all to start shopping before it's too late! And take my advice, this jewelry is absolutely beautiful and would make a wonderful gift that your loved ones will not forget. I've created a few outfit ideas for you all including the NOBLE by Bendtner collection to inspire you.

You can browse the lookbook HERE. What are some of your favorite pieces?
Happy shopping!

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