Monday, November 4, 2013

Coffee Break

Coat: Zara, Tank: Zara, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Weekday, Bag: Topshop

photos by Marcus Nilsson

Marcus and I took a little coffee break after a long day of studying. I think I was coming up on the 6th hour until I finally decided enough was enough. I couldn't function and I needed copious amounts of caffeine in my system. What made this study session so unbearable was that it occurred on Halloween. I had a test the next morning. No costumes and no parties for us this year. Sure it was disheartening to see all the costumes and cocktails on Instagram and wishing we were there, but it really was not the end of the world...I was mainly disappointed because my friends and I had some BADASS costumes planned (and yes this will happen next Halloween) that we weren't able to show off.

On the bright side, I saved about $50 that would have been spent on some lame ass material only to be worn once and I spared the next-morning-headache that would have been inevitable. Growing up is tough.

This was one exceptionally cold day last week here in sunny LA. I got away with wearing this coat but of course with a flimsy, lingerie style tank underneath. Sunshine always makes me smile, but I'm ready to bundle up for the cold. Sometimes I wish LA had a proper change of seasons. It's such a beautiful thing that so many people take for granted but I suppose the same could be said about sunshine year round. Hopefully it gets colder soon so I can wear this coat more. It's a great statement piece for fall!

In other news, I'll be attending the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale this Thursday in LA. I can't wait! Anyone else thinking of checking it out?


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