Thursday, May 9, 2013

Athena Calderone

Imgs via Refinery 29

Let me start by saying...OH MY GOD. Now let me explain...So, the majority of my days are spent on my laptop. Whether it's because of blogging, doing homework, shopping, watching TV, or just straight up being bored, you can usually find my laptop glued to my legs. I spend so many hours scouring the web for inspiration and very rarely do I find something that truly inspires me to a point where words can't describe. But when I saw Athena Calderone's Brooklyn apartment my jaw instantly dropped. Not only am I extremely envious of her style and the fact that she lives in New York, but the way she decorated her apartment is simply flawless. Aesthetically, even a fraction of this would satisfy my needs FOREVER. I can't wait to move out so I can experiment with interior design and hopefully it will end up inspiring others just as this one inspired me. Athena, I'm proud to share the same bedframe (and hairstyle) as you. 



  1. beautiful interior and beautiful outfits !! :)

  2. OMG! So amazing... a woman with this style, what we would expected? A perfect house, off course!

  3. WOW! I agree amazing style! Haha I can't live without wifi, either... my laptop moves around the house with me and sleeps next to me and my fiancé because I fall asleep watching films.
    See you in my blog, maybe.

  4. I've been hunting for this bed frame forever - so simple and beautiful! Do you have any idea where it may have come from?


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