Sunday, April 7, 2013

Maui Photo Diary

Ahhh, Maui. I had so much fun this week! We tanned at the beach everyday, had some unbelievable food, survived the road to Hana, went whale watching, and went to a luau to top it all off. We were able to do so many things and I am so thankful I can experience all of this. It was the first real family vacation I had been on in a few years now and it was nice spending time with everyone. Although I must say it makes me want to travel more and more; whether I'm with my family or just with Marcus or by myself, I just love traveling! I love discovering new places and experiencing this wonderful world we live in. Fortunately, I always have someone to share these amazing experiences with and I am so thankful Marcus is able to be with me for all of this. Right now, I'm exhausted, slightly sunburned, and completely delighted to finally be back at home. I missed my bed. And I missed Shadow haha.

Even though I always want to leave and go somewhere far far away, I am always happy to be home in the greatest place in the whole world. Nothing beats California :)

Let me know what you guys think! I love reading everyone's comments!


  1. oh my, so beautiful darling !!!

  2. Amazing pictures! love your style!

  3. Lovely pics. Your jungle print ombre shorts are beautiful! I cannot wait to begin travelling again!

  4. Carrément canon la tenue !
    J'adore ton blog :)
    Tu es vraiment belle


    Coline ♡

  5. Aaaah !! I love these pictures!!


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