Friday, April 5, 2013

In The Details

Tank: Topshop, Jeans: One Teaspoon, Heels: Nicholas via Shopbop, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff via Revolve Clothing

Photos by Marcus Nilsson

If I do bright colors, it has to be paired with neutrals. I've always been so simplistic and I'm trying to take more risks by purchasing things with bright colors or nice prints. One tip I have for girls like me: Don't buy it unless you feel confident in it. Especially if it's something that is a little risky compared to other items in your closet! I've learned that the hard way :)

Today we went to the beach and I got completely fried! I am literally a bright, glowing red. Almost like my purse above...only red....So embarrassing. But then again you can't come home from Hawai'i without a sunburn! We also went whale watching today and it was amazing. The whales were so close to our boat and I saw about 10 whales! Unfortunately, I was facing the wrong direction when one completely breached out of the water with it's head. Just my luck. Either way I had a memorable day and I loved it :)

Tomorrow is our last full day here! Wish I could stay longer and be able to explore more, but I've had such an amazing Spring Break and I am so thankful. 



  1. so easy but pretty cool honey ♥

  2. lovely!


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