Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Sweater: Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans: Current/Elliott, Heels: Nicholas via Shopbop, Bag: Nasty Gal

Photos by Marcus Nilsson

Today was probably one of the laziest Sundays I've had in awhile now, hence my lazy girl outfit. I couldn't sleep last night so I woke up really late this morning and wasted half the day. I love waking up early and actually getting things done throughout the day but my sleeping pattern has been so off lately, which really needs to change. I've been {trying} to eat healthier and go to the gym more to get ready for Spring break in Maui! There's only about 2 and a half weeks left so it's crunch time :) Time to get my 6 pack back in time for bikini season hehe.

Regarding my outfit, I never get too many compliments on these jeans simply because they're not very flattering for a woman's body. My mom definitely does not like them and my boyfriend doesn't either, but he's too nice to tell me that. But these are some of my favorite jeans no matter what anyone says. Sometimes I like keeping my skinny jeans in the closet. These boyfriends are comfortable, versatile, and they make me feel like a bad ass. What more could I ask for?



  1. casula & beautiful! love the your dog!

  2. Boyfriend jeans and heels?
    I absolutely love it <3
    Your casual, lazy outfit is exactly the style I love! Haha, and who cares what they think, as long as you like what you're wearing :) Besides, I don't get why they wouldn't - you still look amazing!

    Trendy Teal

  3. your dog looks like a teddybear ♥♥ so fluffy :), your outfit is perfect as well babe

  4. love your boyfriend jeans too! I'm looking for the perfect and affordable ones since ages!

    1. hope you find some cuz they're the best! try revolve clothing or shopbop :)

  5. You are so adorable! I love your style, and your dog (ALOT). I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see more!


  6. Awesome look! and your dog is adorable)

    ps please tell me what is the breed of your dog??


  7. OMG...can we just talk about your dog??? I'm in love!!! SOOOOO cute!!

    Also you're lucky your boyfriend is too nice to tell you how much he hates your boyfriend jeans because I have to hear about mine all the time ..."THOSE again!?" -_-'



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