Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eventful Day in NY

Here's some of the stuff I bought today! Marcus and I went to Soho to shop today. We went to TopShop, which is where I got the boots, then we went to Rag & Bone. While we were in Rag & Bone a car exploded outside and we thought it was a car bomb so everyone in the store went to the basement for protection. Then when we went back up the fire dept was there and the police told us to stay in the store until they knew what was going on. Turns out one of the manholes exploded, nonetheless me and Marcus were really effing scared. So so so happy we were safe. Shout out to the people in Rag & Bone for protecting us...ugh the things we go through to get a nice pair of jeans...

The internet connection in my hotel is horrible, so blogging might be difficult to keep up with. But if you want to follow me in NY check out my instagram @caseyscollection & follow my blog on BLOGLOVIN!


1 comment:

  1. That's terrifying. At least you're safe.. and have awesome jeans.

    xo Ashley


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