Sunday, March 15, 2015

Let's Talk About Fur...


Fashion month is finally coming to an end which means we all have to wait in agony until all the beautiful collections hit stores! While we wait we have time to cultivate our wish lists and save up for our favorite pieces...even though I don't think my piggy bank will ever have enough to purchase everything on my wish list!

One trend that made a statement on this season's runways was fur. Fur is back and more prominent than ever, not that it ever really left...but it was definitely present this year. And although I have to admit that fur does make beautiful pieces, I still believe that it's not only controversial, but simply unethical. I was surprised to see so many designers using fur this year since it is becoming more and more condemned in our society. Regardless of the trend, I hope that consumers realize their power to make a statement to the producers and refrain from purchasing real fur. There are plenty of gorgeous faux fur options for us out there! Getting educated and spreading awareness on the subject is the source of change, which is why I decided to talk about fur and voice my opinion.

Stella McCartney was one designer that stood by her morals and still created beautiful faux fur pieces. McCartney debuted a wonderful line that consisted of pieces she refers to as "fur free fur." I love the fact that she created her own version of the overpowering trend. She even managed to promote a call for action in the industry. Leading by example at it's finest!

I'm really inspired by Stella McCartney's company statement and commitment to sustainability. I believe the fashion industry has so much power and should harness that power to create a change in the world; and brands like Stella McCartney are starting that revolution. For more information, skim through the links provided to see what you can do! It's very informative...and you don't even have to watch those incredibly horrifying videos of animals being tortured.

Thank you, Stella, for helping change the world! Scroll down to shop my favorite faux fur pieces!









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