Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

1. Adidas Messenger Bag (or other athletic stuff would be cool)
2. NHL Throwback Scarf (everyone loves a hockey player)
3. Nike High Top Vintage Sneakers (might get some for myself)
4. Coordinates Collection customizable bracelet (put your own special coordinates in!)
5. iPhone 6 (for someone that needs some updating)
6. Ray Ban Club Masters (I have yet to find someone that looks bad in these)
7. I Love You Card (this card just gets me)
8. Transparent Speaker (s0o0o0o0 cool)
9. Go Pro (good excuse to go on an adventure)
10. Daniel Wellington watch (Nixon's are soooo 2010)
11. Miansai Anchor Bracelet (guys love anchors..)

Okay ladies, Valentine's Day isn't all about you! Hopefully my gift guide can lead you in the right direction when searching for what to get your man! Everything here is not only on trend right now, but super timeless so it can be used/worn for years. Worth it! Plus, there's a gift here for every stage of the relationship....ya case you're not tooooo serious about things just yet. 

Say I love you and give lots of hugs and kisses!

Check out the links to shop.

I want to hear what your Valentine's Day plans are! Let me know in the comments :)



  1. nice inspiration :) really didn't know what to buy for my boyfriend!

  2. Nice inspo, I really love the adidas bag and the ray ban sunglasses! I'd love for you to check out my new fashion blog,

    x Kellie

  3. Awesome gift ideas!



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