Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are You Kidding?

After reading a recent Refinery 29 article, I have been enlightened with the knowledge of what an $80 million apartment in New York City looks like. I saw the images, regained a normal heart rate, and then became ridiculously envious of whoever could afford such a breathtaking place to live. First and foremost, $80 million is an unfathomable amount of money. If you have $80 million to spend at a whim, you better be giving some of that to charities or something. Secondly, I have an obvious infatuation with NYC and this apartment is what my hopes and dreams consist of. Every visit to NYC leaves me inspired and feeling like I can conquer anything. Now, these views above the city will most likely never become a reality for me, but a girl can keep dreaming. And more importantly, a girl can gain some serious interior design inspiration from this. The classic, sophisticated color palette is exactly what is expected from an apartment of this standard. Seriously, could it be more beautiful? It's making me sick. Let's hope whoever lives here appreciates every damn second of it. What do you guys think? 



  1. if you have 80 million for a flat you definitely have another 80 for charity haha :) love this home would love to live there :)

  2. nice nice nice

  3. This is so insane to me. NYC real estate is complete madness. I recently visited some 3 million and 14 million dollar properties today and thought that was a dream.

  4. I think this apartment is BEAUTIFUL. That being said, I don't think, even if I had that kind of money simply laying around, that I'd purchase this. The price is just tooooo high. xx


  5. Love this condo in NYC. So swoon worthy.

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  6. Wow! $80 million is a fortune for an apartment. But I'm with you, hopefully the person able to afford a $80 million dollar apt gives to charities as well.


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