Wednesday, August 13, 2014

San Francisco Postcards

Dress: H&M, Jacket: Zara, Sandals: Birkenstock, Eye Bracelet & Necklace: Maison De Morgana, Coordinate Bracelet: Coordinates Collection

photos by myself & Kelli Goss

We took a road trip to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe this past weekend! We drove up Highway 1 and it was absolutely gorgeous. The coast is so beautiful and I highly recommend driving it if you're ever visiting California. I am so thankful to live in such a wonderful state...California has everything. 

I recently discovered some great new jewelry brands and I had to take them on my trip! Maison de Morgana is an amazing designer based in LA and her designs go with EVERYTHING in my closet! Another great find is this bracelet from Coordinates Collection. You can go on their site and customize bracelets, necklaces, and rings with coordinates anywhere in the world. What a great idea for a gift! Check them out in the links above.



  1. I love your look, great photo's!!

  2. So happy you're traveling it's so good for the soul even if it is just a little getaway. Love the photography & your all black look. Super chill with the birkenstocks but edgy with the moto jacket. You have a great blog .

  3. How fun! These are such awesome pictures and I love your outfit!

    Raissa |


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