Saturday, January 25, 2014


Shirt: Urban Outfitters (old), Jeans: Rich & Skinny, Heels: Isabel Marant (old), Wallet: Marc Jacobs

photos by Marcus Nilsson

Relaxed is my theme for this weekend. After my first week back to school I'm trying to take it easy for a couple days before I become bombarded with homework! In other news, while the rest of the country has been suffering through the "polar vortex," California decided to say "f*ck that" and now it feels like summer. I've been out in skirts and shorts and very light layers for the past few weeks. Though I really can't complain, I still wish I was in a winter wonderland so I could actually utilize my coats and cold weather clothing. I am very happy however that I found these used Isabel Marant Rio sandals on Vestiaire Collective for an extremely discounted price! They're a little difficult to walk in, but practice makes perfect...

Stay tuned! Something exciting coming Monday for you all! ;)



  1. Don't wish that :) Cold weather is fun for a week or two, after that It gets really annoying!

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  2. i agree with C. - in here it's around -11, believe me ... it's not fun at all you barely can go out and look, well ... normally


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