Friday, July 26, 2013

Take Me Back

Sweater: Weekday, Skirt: Olive Clothing, Boots: Choies, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Luv AJ

Photos by Marcus Nilsson

The post-Europe depression is setting in. Everyday I was there, we woke up early and started the day and we barely took a break! Except of course when we walked by a cute cafe...I'm embarrassed by the amount of coffee I had and even more embarrassed by the amount of macarons and crepes... Moral of the story, we always had something to do or somewhere to be. Now that I'm back home I feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it's because I miss Europe or maybe it's because being at home makes me lazy. Either way I need to kick myself in the ass, get out of bed and find things to do. OR...I could get things done that I've put to the side for so long. Sorry about my brain exploding all over the page...I should stop whining...After all, there's never a shortage of excitement in Los Angeles. :)

Regarding the outfit: These were taken on a balcony in Paris. One word that comes to mind right now is: obsessed. Obsessed with Paris, obsessed with the skirt, obsessed with the boots, obsessed with the crop top. Can't wait to be back again soon!



  1. great skirt !!! i think it looks nice even by 'itself' or with anything else but with this crop top it must be even better !!! :)

  2. I love this outfit. The whole ensemble is just perfect. I definitely need to get my hands on a skirt like that.


  3. Love the sweater and skirt!

  4. What could get better than outfit photos on a Parisian balcony?! You are living the dream, girl! Love the boots!

    Xo, Hannah


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