Monday, August 15, 2011

Drive Thru Coffee?

So on Thursday my boyfriend and I, after a nice morning of shopping, went to my mom's cafe for lunch. As you can see in the video, little did we know a truck was going to literally drive through the front door! An older woman accidentally pressed the gas instead of the brake...typical. Well now that everyone is okay it's a funny story and we can all make fun of how my boyfriend runs away from the crash with that creeper hand. And we can laugh at how even if it's in slow motion, we are now aware that Marcus has the reflexes of a ninja. But at the time that was one of the scariest things that has ever happened. Everyone that was in there at the time was very lucky that nothing too serious happened considering the truck itself, or the giant shards of glass flying everywhere. Scary moments like this really make you appreciate everyone that much more. And it made for a great story... and once Marcus running if you need to laugh hahah. I love him. <3

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